Suino Italiano Sassi

Our History

On November 1, 1897, Vincenzo Sassi, master carpenter from Colorno, Italy, joined the Camera di Commercio (Better Business Bureau) of Parma and started his business producing and selling salted pork products.

Production at the SASSI Firm followed the traditional methods: slaughtering in winter months, followed by a natural and controlled seasoning phase and meat curing, especially for the production of the precious “Gentile” Salami and “Culatello”. During the first 30 years of business, SASSI also traded in wine, cheese and pasta.

In 1936, Guglielmo Sassi expanded his firm’s production to include not only cured pork products, but also cooked ham and mortadella.

After World War II, Guglielmo Sassi took advantage of the Italian economic boom by enlarging his pig slaughtering business, along with other related activities, distinguishing his company’s name as among the most dynamic in the entire pork products industry of Parma.

Thanks to the join management by Guglielmo Sassi’s successors, Ugo and Emilio, the Colorno firm grew in qualitative and quantitative.

They built a large industrial slaughtering house and at later date (in the 1970’s) in order to increase their pork products production, especially Cured Parma Ham, the SASSI brothers acquired and expanded several other local curing plants.

The latest development is represented by the new San Daniele plant that confirms the SASSI group’s vocation to traditional Italian Hams production.

Since the regional and national markets could no longer absorb the SASSI Group’s productive out put, import-export activity was gradually increased, leading the company to further expansion into its traditional foreign markets such as Germany (in the 1970’s, SASSI was the leader in high quality bacon fat export to Germany), France, Belgium, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria.

At present, SASSI GROUP is expanding into North and South American markets, as well as the East Asian Markets.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

This company has benefited from funding from
The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

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