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The Factory

During the economic boom years following the war, rapid growth of the salted porkproducts industry in Parma, required stepped up production and the production of the latest slaughtering and product transformation technologies to meet increased demand.

Ever ready to challenge growing markets, in the secondhalf of the 1960’s, Guglielmo sassi founded a new slaughtering plant at raterie, a few kms from Colorno.

At this new site, SASSI has kept up with continually expanding demand by implementing the latest technology, frequently undertaking plant enlargements and introducing the latest production organization systems.

Initially, the Praterie slaughterhouse occupied an area of 3000 sqm and had a productive potential of 1000 pigs per week.

After a huge reorganization effort in 1996, the plant area was increased to 15000 sqm, with a productive potential of 1000 pigs per week and an actual production of 12.000 pigs.

The Colorno slaughter house is ideally situated in the center of a vast region famous for pig farming, where Sassi F.lli can acquire quality hogs from local suppliers. The SASSI F.LLI Slaughter house exclusively acquires hogs that are bred according to the strict regulation of the Parma Ham Consortium, a quality control board, which guarantees the excellent quality of the internationally famous Parma Han trade mark.

SASSI F.LLI is foundation member of “Gran Suino Padano” consortium.

At the Colorno plant, meat quality is constantly controlled, and laboratory analyses performed during the production process, guarantee safety and are used to improve the meat’s organolectic characteristics. All SASSI F.LLI production operations are carried out in accordance with European Union Regulations and strictly adhere to HACCP regulations.

The latest commitment at SASSI Plant is to providingthe highest level of services to its clients, both retailers and consumers, with the development of a number of convenience meat products, such as consumer pre-packed portioned or ready to cook meat products.

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